Market Entry - Business Set Up

Market Entry & Business Set Up

We can provide services to facilitate your strategy towards Africa, ranging from due diligence, market entry strategy, business set up and expansion...

Administrative Support Service

Administrative & Logistics Support Services

We can help you identify and locate the most reliable companies according to your budget, which offer some or all of the following service...

Industrial Partnership Service

Industrial Partnership Services

We build industrial partnerships by matchmaking local energy companies with foreign investors and potential international partners.

Business and Legal Services

Business & Legal Advisory Services

We also provide the following advisory services for established and new energy investors alike through our own affiliated business consultancy and law firm.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance & Approvals Services

We ensure that our clients are aware of and comply with the laws and regulations for operating a business in their desired energy sectors.

Government Relationship

Government Relationship Management Services

On behalf of our clients, we can establish, build and maintain valuable networks with all governmental stakeholders in their business value chain.

Business to Business

Business to Business Relationship Management Services

We can also introduce our clients to the decision makers in other companies they require, to establish the opportunities they wish to exploit...

Local Content 2

Local Content Management Services

We advise and assist our clients to institute local content values in their business models and also ensure that they derive maximum benefits...

Client Brand Awareness

Client Brand Awareness & Corporate Social Responsibility

We can help clients utilize public relations companies and the media to promote awareness about the company, the mission and values...